FOD Overview page section

  • Application Security is Crucial

    Your critical business applications face the web. With nearly 80 percent of applications at risk, a holistic approach to application security is crucial. Fortunately, it’s no longer necessary to do it all in-house

    A flexible application security testing program that includes both static code analysis and regularly scheduled dynamic scans and does not interfere with software innovation and rapid releases, is a requirement.

  • Test Everything. Ignore Nothing.

    When it comes to securing your applications, penetration testing isn't enough. You need to systematically scan and rescan all web, mobile and client applications, whether they're developed in-house, created by a third-party, open source or off-the-shelf.

    Fortify on Demand meets this need and adapts to your existing software development lifecycle. Even better, let our global team of security testing experts do the heavy lifting for you. 

  • An End-to-End Approach

    Helping organizations secure their applications is the goal of Fortify on Demand. This innovative portal provides developers with easy access to the information they need to rapidly fix any vulnerabilities once they are detected. And, if they still have questions, they can always contact one of our security experts for assistance. This comprehensive approach is complemented by online application security training and advanced integration with their development environments to help them produce secure code from the start.