Welcome to Applandia – Where Digital UX Rules

Welcome to Applandia

User Experience Isn’t Everything – It’s the Only Thing.

That’s our motto. It’s also the key to building apps that people love to use. Apps that are delivered to market faster, perform better, informed by data, and work seamlessly across multiple platforms. We can help you achieve digital transformation and deliver next-generation, high-performance apps with our integrated tools that help you build it, monitor it, and continuously improve it. Welcome to Applandia. Where things don’t crash, defects get eliminated, batteries don’t drain – and user experience is king.

How Our Tools Help You Continuously Deliver an Exceptional Digital User Experience

  • Build

    Build a memorable digital experience based on extensive real-world testing and user insights.

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  • Monitor

    Find out how users are experiencing your app with continuous analytics and performance monitoring.

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  • Optimize

    Continuously improve the digital user experience by uncovering and fixing any performance or security issues.

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Optimize your End-Users’ Journey

Keep up with user expectations.

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Build: Create Based on Extensive Real-world Testing and User Insights

Support Real End-user Conditions

Gain valuable, real-world insights by testing your apps in parallel across multiple platforms (laptop and real devices), real network conditions, interactions (clicks, gestures, rotation), and events (notification, call).

Mobile Testing

Test your applications in true-to-life conditions (PDF 616 KB)

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Deliver the Best Performance

Understand how your app will perform across all three layers: front end (virtual users with real devices), middle tier (network), and back end (infrastructure), and determine system capacities for high-end digital user experience.

Modern Agile Testing for Web and Mobile Apps (PDF 1.26 MB)

Video: Meet HPE StormRunner Load (1:32 Minutes)

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Maintain Quality Across Mobile, Web and Desktop

Boost Security

Identify vulnerabilities earlier so they are less costly to remediate. Encourage secure coding with regular static security scans during development and conduct thorough audits of your application before each release.

Learn About Real-World Mobile Application Security (PDF 288 KB)

Video: How to Choose an AppSec Provider (3:04 Minutes)

Learn more about Fortify on Demand for Mobile

Let UX Drive DevOps

Keep up with user expectations.

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Monitor: See How Your App is Performing

Continuously Monitor Issues that Matter to the User

Track slow performance, crashes and resource usage that negatively impact the user experience – then drill down to the root cause.

Dimensional Research: Global User Experience Survey Results and Best Practices

Read the Full Report (PDF 1.29 MB)

Get the Infographic (PDF 2.19 MB)

Forrester Research: Mobile APM Reference Model for Optimal App Performance (PDF 290KB)

Measure What Matters with AppPulse Mobile Monitoring (PDF 4013KB)

Animation: Fighting for a Better Digital User Experience – HPE AppPulse UX-Men (1:54 Minutes)

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See App Performance from a Backend Perspective

Analyze problematic user transactions and quickly find the root cause with visibility into transaction flow, code and logs. Monitor all web user traffic with visibility into page loads and AJAX activities.

Datasheet: HPE AppPulse Trace (PDF 626 KB) 

See Application Performance Problems Before Your Users Do. FREE Trial.

Animation – Saving the Digital UX with Transaction Analytics (1:55 Minutes)

Fix Issues Before Users Find Them

Replay synthetic transactions that mimic user experience. Ensure that apps perform to agreed upon expectations with automated alerts and built-in SLM. Proactive monitoring lets you always be in the know.

IHA uses HPE AppPulse Active to improve end user experience (PDF 502 KB)

eBook – Proactive Synthetic Monitoring – Gut Feel Is Not Good Enough for Digital UX (PDF 1.01 MB)

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Get Automatic Contextualized Threat Detection

Enables defense against app-specific attacks that network-level security often misses, and utilize a deep, dynamic scan to observe how your app behaves in a real-world situation.

Video: Stop What Others Cannot Even See (3:21 Minutes)

Learn About Real-World Mobile Application Security (PDF 288 KB)

Learn More about App Defender

DevOps, APM and User Experience

See how users really experience your app.

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Optimize: Continuously Improve to Meet User’s Demands

Deliver Faster Through Team Collaboration

Discover issues, and isolate and resolve defects faster and earlier through modern delivery processes such as Agile and DevOps, and continuous integration (IDE, Jenkins, SCM, etc.).

Built Specifically for Continuous Testing and Continuous Integration (PDF 425 KB)

Cross Platform Mobile Test (5:34 Minutes)

Optimizing the Digital User Experience (PDF 1171KB)

Improve & Adapt Security

Automate security defense against app-specific attacks, and get insights to remove vulnerabilities and continuously optimize for changes in infrastructure, processes and security needs.

Take the Software Security Assurance Self-assessment

Webinar: Adapting Software Security Assurance for Cloud and Mobile

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Optimize User Experience Based on Big Data Actionable Insight

Prioritize development efforts based on what matters to the user (performance, stability, flows), optimize testing effort (device matrix, test cases) based on realistic usage.

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