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Struggling to keep up with DevOps? See how Service Master uses Application Defender to manage risk while deploying software faster.

Why Application Self-Protection?

Why Application Self-Protection?

Applications can be your weakest link in enterprise security. Removing vulnerabilities is not always possible, and more rapid deployments challenges application security testing prior to production. 


Application defender overview

  • Vulnerabilities Happen


    Application security testing is particularly effective at prevention – helping you ensure applications don’t move into production with known vulnerabilities. However, scanning and fixing every application may not be practical even for organizations with the most mature application security program. Meanwhile, attackers are constantly introducing new threats that were unimagined during development.

  • A View from the Network Isn’t Enough

    Network code view

    Changing code to address new and existing threats takes time – often weeks or months. In the meantime, compensating controls are needed.

    Network Security, such as a Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a popular choice but will miss attacks requiring visibility within the application itself.

  • Visibility and protection from within


    By instrumenting the application, it can log application behavior and accurately detect and stop attacks - without the need to learn or tune rules or rewrite code With line-of-code vulnerability details, App Defender helps you accelerate remediation and protect vulnerabilities in the meantime. 

Application Defender Benefit

Benefits: See threats to your application’s security

Application Defender is a Runtime Application Self-protection (RASP) solution that helps you manage and mitigate risk from home grown or 3rd party applications by providing centralized visibility in application use and abuse while protecting from software vulnerability exploits and other violations in real time. Managed from the cloud, or from your datacenter, and pre-configured to provide instant visibility into the security of your applications, the solution enables you to start protecting against security vulnerabilities in production software without any changes to the code.

Get Application Visibility

Instantly see software vulnerability exploits in production applications and continuously monitor application use and abuse.

Stop Attacks Immediately

Detect and protect known and unknown security vulnerabilities in real time without the need to alter nor recompile source.

Remove the Guesswork

Pinpoint vulnerabilities at the line of code and see the full query. Accurately distinguish between an actual attack and a legitimate request.

Install Quickly and Easily

Deploy as you wish, on-premise or as-a-service (Saas), and get started quickly with pre-configured vulnerability detection rules.

Why Hewlett Packard Enterprise?
HPE is a leading provider of application security and has leveraged proven technologies for Application Defender.

HPE Security Fortify: Leader in 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing

  • Gartner has named Fortify a leader in every Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing they have ever produced. And the trend continues in 2015.
  • HPE Security Fortify, the most broadly adopted SAST tool in the market, continues to deliver compelling innovations with IAST and RASP technologies.
  • Get the report. To learn more about HPE Application Security, visit

HPE was the first to market in the segment Gartner calls Runtime Application Security Protection (RASP). The same proven runtime analysis technology is also used in HPE Security Fortify WebInspect and HPE Security ArcSight Application View. (Note: logging is now also a function of App Defender). The capabilities to identify and stop attacks on production applications are simplified with pre-configured rules and with deployment and management through the cloud.

More information about the entire portfolio of HP Enterprise Security Products is available at In addition, HPE Security Research delivers actionable security intelligence to the product portfolio while providing insight into the future of security and the most critical threats facing organizations today.