Data Center Automation

Data Center Automation

Achieve Efficient Infrastructure Management

Reduce the reliance on the many tools and manual tasks used to maintain your data center, reduce the risk to your business, and use smart analytics to avoid reactive troubleshooting.
  • IDC Survey:

    Of data center managers have experienced

    downtime due to human errors or latency issues.

    — 2015 IDC Survey: The Problems of Downtime

    and Latency In the Enterprise Datacenter

  • FMD Survey:

    Of IT managers say they spend five or more

    hours/week on compliance.

    — 2015 FMD Survey

  • 2016 Pulse Report:

    Of IT executives say their biggest concern

    is reacting to IT incidents after the fact

    instead of proactively anticipating them.

    — 2016 Pulse Report Gatepoint Research


See the Value Delivered by HPE Data Center Automation

  • Reduced Cost


    Of IT organizations gained $100 - $250k

    or more in annual financial benefits.

    —Survey of HPE Cloud and Automation

    Solutions Users 2015

  • Increased Speed


    Of users have reduced time to execute

    tasks/processes by 50% or more.

    —Survey of HPE Cloud and Automation

    Solutions User's 2015

  • Reduced Risk


    Of surveyed organizations reduced errors

    by 50% or more.

    —Survey of HPE Cloud and Automation

    Solutions User’s 2015

Real Customers, Real Results

The best insight into the value of HPE Data Center Automation suite comes from the members of our growing customer base. Hear what our customers are saying about the business value of Data Center Automation–and why they chose HPE.


Hear What Our Customers Are Saying


In this interactive brochure, see how eight Data Center Automation customers transformed their IT service delivery via automation, slashing costs and increasing speed of service.

Unified, Heterogeneous, Scalable Automation

HPE Data Center Automation solution provides a unified infrastructure management platform across multivendor and heterogeneous compute, database, and middleware and is designed to reduce the cost of IT operations and accelerate service delivery.

Essentials for Success

  • Unified and Heterogeneous Solution

  • Patching and Continuous Service Compliance

  • Analytics-driven Optimization

Complete Infrastructure Management

HPE Data Center suite is a unified infrastructure management platform that automates tasks and orchestrates processes for provisioning, patching, and compliance across heterogeneous physical and virtual compute, database, and middleware. The suite delivers analytics-driven optimization for capacity planning and performance management. It reduces the cost of IT operations and accelerates service delivery.

Infrastructure Management: Big Challenges, Big Opportunities

Today’s modern IT environment is wrought with challenges – rising costs, service delays, increasing risk. However, more challenges means there is just more opportunities to optimize operations and increase efficiency and HPE’s Data Center Automation Solution can help you achieve just that.  Read this infographic now to see how we can help and what benefits you can expect to see.


HPE’s Data Center Automation Suite


As data centers continue to grow in size and complexity, the importance of having a unified view across the entire infrastructure is vastly important to the health and future of the business. Learn how HPE’s Data Center Automation Suite is making it easier to do just that.


The Path to Unified Infrastructure Management


HPE’s Data Center Automation Suite can put you on the patch to unified infrastructure management today.  Learn more about how we can ensure efficient lifecycle management and optimization for compute, database, and middleware in this brief data sheet.

See the Gains Our Customers Are Realizing

See how some HPE customers – Turk Telekom, Sungard, Telefonica, Novabase, and UK Telecom – used HPE Data Center Automation to reduce costs and increase the speed of their IT service.




Spanish Telco Reduces Costs and Accelerates Service Delivery


(2:46 Minutes)



See What Our Customer Are Saying



Kuveyt Turk Cuts Data Center Migration Risk with Automation


(2:09 Minutes)



Sunguard Availability Services Revolutionizes Disaster Recovery


(4:02 Minutes)

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