Your Data deserves better

Your Data deserves better

Protect your Business from Risk with Information Governance

Your company’s data increases by 40% each year1. It’s mobile, virtual, in the cloud and is being accessed from all kinds of devices. On top of all that, regulations continue to increase. The good news is, you can take back control of your enterprise information. Not only that, but with proper information management and governance, you can reduce costs, lower risk and boost productivity. Without it, you risk regulatory fines, legal sanctions, increased costs, and more.

Lower your Data Costs

In recent years, financial organizations alone have paid an estimated $65 billion in non-compliance related fines.2 With robust information management and governance, your company can mitigate financial risk associated with hefty fines, legal fees and sanctions.

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See your Data’s Potential

Your data is your company’s biggest asset – if it’s managed properly. By unifying information silos and providing greater data accessibility, organizations can gain insight into their operations, and use it to improve and drive real impacts on their business.

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It’s Time to Address your Data Needs

End-to-end information management and governance solutions can help your organization solve a wide array of issues, from rising storage costs and data volumes to problems responding to compliance and eDiscovery requests. These short videos will show you how.

File Analysis

Learn how to cut costs by properly managing your legacy data.

  • Clean up legacy data
  • Automate records declaration
  • Intelligently migrate to the Cloud.

Video (4:55 Minutes)

Records Management

Learn how to optimize operational costs and meet compliance obligations.

  • Integrate document and records management
  • Implement a simple and uniform interface
  • Manage records and avoid duplication.

Video (4:19 Minutes)

Information Archiving

Learn how to avoid regulatory risk with proactive management.

  • Benefit from the scalability, cost savings and accessibility of a cloud archive
  • Manage, control and govern enterprise information
  • Expedite access to the right information.

Video (4:36 Minutes)


Learn how to prepare for and react to legal matters faster.

  • Manage and lock down electronic information
  • Rapidly analyze and gain insight into large document collections
  • Meet the demands of investigation inquiries, quickly.

Video (5:01 Minutes)

Backup & Recovery

Learn how to avoid risk by protecting your growing data.

  • Gain better business insight and value
  • Simplify your backup and recovery experience
  • Meet strict recovery and service level expectations.

Video (7:00 Minutes)

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1 2014, IDC, The Digital Universe of Opportunities: Rich Data and the Increasing Value of the Internet of Things

2 2014, Boston Consulting Group/Wall Street Journal