Mobile Testing

Mobile Testing

Deliver an exceptional digital user experience at every stage of your mobile apps’ lifecycle.

HPE Mobile Center is a single mobility gateway that helps you test, monitor, and optimize the user experience across digital touchpoints.

Cover all stages of your mobile app lifecycle


    Mobile gateway

    Mobile Center expands HPE Software for mobile apps, so you can manage real devices, emulators, and apps as you develop and test based on analytics.




    Mobile app testing

    Build a memorable digital experience based on extensive and complete real-world testing: manual, functional, performance, and security.


    Mobile app monitoring

    Find out how users are experiencing your app with continuous analytics and performance monitoring.

Complete, end-to-end mobile app testing

Accelerate manual testing

Accelerate manual testing

Let HPE Sprinter automatically document every interaction with the device and app under test. Provide concise feedback on defects and usability via annotated screen captures, movies, and valuable device parameters.

Automate functional testing

Automate functional testing

Gain real-world insights by automating object-based cross-OS testing across multiple platforms (laptop and real devices), interactions (clicks, gestures, rotation), and events (notification, call).

Optimize for network conditions

Optimize apps for any network conditions

Capture and recreate network conditions (bandwidth, latency, and packet loss) inside your lab to gain actionable insight into the root cause of network-related bottlenecks.


Manage performance testing

Plan, run, and scale web and mobile performance testing

Easily design and execute performance load tests using a combination of virtual users and real devices, identify bottlenecks, determine system capacities, and measure the real user experience.

Submit app for security scans

Submit your app for security scans

Get unlimited basic security scans of your apps right from Mobile Center, and identify security vulnerabilities early in the development and testing cycle.

Track the user experience

Track all aspects of the mobile user’s experience

Capture all aspects of the user experience by tracking crashes, performance, navigation, flows, and more. In return, prioritize your development and testing efforts based on actionable insights.

Test real devices in the real world

Know how your applications perform anywhere, anytime

Simulate user sessions on real devices to ensure application availability and performance. Get the visibility you want from inside or outside your firewall and around the world.

Listen to your users

Gain insights into your users’ feedback

Mobile Center provides a beta version of a sentiment analysis service that will scan end-user comments on your mobile apps, categorize them, and provide a weighted score.

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Start optimizing your mobile app quality and user experience throughout the application lifecycle.
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  • Smart analytics and realistic user acceptance testing