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Agile Manager

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Agile Manager

Agile project management solution to plan, execute and track Agile projects. You can remove latencies, bolster Agile practices, and foster continuous improvement using SaaS or on-premise deployment.


Siemens Accelerates Software Development

Siemens Energy Management deployed an application lifecycle management solution and shortened engineering requirements time and now has less risk. (2:21 Minutes)


Check out this interactive experience to see how your agile teams can improve Release Planning, Sprint Planning, Sprint Execution, and gain more Visibility and Insight. Select different roles that walk you through the four stages of agile development and see how Agile Manager will aid in building quality applications faster!


HPE IT is boosting the value of Agile by fostering team collaboration and improving the ability of managers to monitor project status including coding, quality and performance testing. See how they are doing it—and how easily you could, too.

(PDF 529 KB)

Key Features


Drag and drop interface that enables easy release and sprint planning, task allocation and capacity management across teams and individuals.


Task and release planning boards give all team members ready insight into the entire project landscape, workflow, and potential issues or bottlenecks. Seamless integration with ALM and Quality Center using comprehensive Continuous Integration Tools.


Advanced development analytics aggregate source code and build information to surface meaningful insights into application changes, allowing for precise risk analysis and more informed decisions.


Strategically aligning empowered agile teams with enterprise business objectives.

Higher Code Quality

Assuring systemic quality of code vital to any business that depends on software.


Helping teams be hyper-productive and highly efficient through fully visible work environments.

  • Build insight with continuous integration tools. A robust Build Summary page allows you and your team to gain quick insight into build success rates, average build times, critical severity defects and more.

  • Customizable planning and storyboards that support multiple methodologies (Scrum/Kanban). The ease of drag and drop on the Task Board has you flying through tasks so you can focus on your work, not the process.

  • Easy breezy performance metric dashboards. Gain a 360 degree, real-time view into tasks, code, builds, unit tests and more.


Build insight with continuous integration tools. A robust Build Summary page allows you and your team to gain quick insight into build success rates, average build times, critical severity defects and more.


Analyst Report

Ovum: Selecting an Agile Project Management Solution


(PDF 2394KB)


Anatomy of Agile Enterprise


( 2.25 MB)

White paper

Scaling Up with Enterprise Agile


(PDF 2220KB )

Analyst report

Projects at Work: How Mainstream is Agile project management?


(PDF 2052KB )

Case study



(PDF 529 KB)

Solution brief

Feature Planning and Tracking


(PDF 398KB )

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