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    Introducing a new, modern platform for the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Big Data Marketplace. To get started, simply search for solutions and login / create a free HPE Software account.

  • HPE Vertica OnDemand

    No-Compromise Big Data Analytics in the Cloud

  • Haven Startup Accelerator Program

    The Haven Startup Accelerator Program provides qualified, early stage developers with special access and pricing for select HPE products, tools, and technologies.

  • HPE Vertica Connector for Apache Spark

    HPE Vertica Connector for Apache Spark – Now in Beta 

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Haven OnDemand Showcase Gallery

Cool apps developers have built using Haven OnDemand APIs.

HPE Vertica QuickStart Examples

The HPE Vertica QuickStart examples are sample applications that show how complementary technologies can work together to deliver outstanding benefits to end users. Each BI QuickStart uses a different BI client tool with HP Vertica Analytic Database.

HPE Haven OnDemand

Unstructured data processing APIs made for developers to build a new class of apps.

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