Key Features

Virtualization and Cloud Hub

Enable Intelligent Operations. Get at-a-glance information on your physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure, Smart Alerts, and out-of-the box performance reports to speed response, act only on meaningful issues, and plot specific metric trends.

Real Time Performance Drill Down

Efficiently detect performance issues in physical, virtual and cloud environments and drill down to troubleshoot guest virtual machine performance issues in real time.

Capacity Management and Optimization

Strike the right balance between performance risk due to under-provisioned capacity and over-provisioned capacity that balloons your infrastructure costs. Add governance that will place new resources effectively and maintain a right-sized environment.

Capacity Planning

Plan your future capacity needs with superior capacity forecasting based on historical trends of your customized business & infrastructure metrics as well as plan future capacity additions with what-if capacity modeling.

Business Perspective

Optimize within custom groups of resources assigned to business applications, perform demand shaping to meet business needs, estimate cost of compute resources allocated and derive savings from optimization.


Monitoring and Optimization in the cloud with HPE Cloud Service Automation, HPE IT Business Analytics for cloud billing. Fault and performance insights with HPE Operations Bridge. Server capacity planning with HPE OneView integration. REST APIs for everything else.

  • Удобное представление данных и непревзойденный контроль

    Инфопанель vSME обеспечивает наглядное представление данных о физических, виртуальных и облачных инфраструктурах.

  • Эффективное устранение проблем производительности виртуальных устройств

    Получайте детализированную информацию для визуализации данных и обнаружения помех для производительности.

  • Планирование и контроль емкости в будущем с помощью модельного анализа

  • Создание логических групп связанных ресурсов, оптимизация производительности и емкости на базе групп и получение отчетов

  • Глубокая интеграция с экосистемой

    Беспроблемная интеграция с HPE Cloud Service Automation, HPE Business Service Management и HPE OneView обеспечивает единое понимание проблем, сведений о производительности, топологии и оценки рисков.


Инфопанель vSME обеспечивает наглядное представление данных о физических, виртуальных и облачных инфраструктурах.

Simplify Performance & Capacity Management

Cloud Optimizer deploys rapidly and works with existing operations management and cloud solutions. And it is powerful, easy-to-use, and highly scalable.

(PDF 172 KB)

Install Cloud Optimizer for Free, Right Now

You can start with Cloud Optimizer Community Edition, a free tool that you can use to monitor up to 25 OS instances. Or download the full version of Cloud Optimizer for a 60-day trial. Either way, you’ll get to experience the benefits of our capacity planning and management software in your environment for free.


Solution brief

HPE Cloud Optimizer

(PDF 172 KB)

Solution brief

Enhance your hybrid cloud

(PDF 180 KB)


HPE Cloud Optimizer for HPE OneView

(PDF 1.98 MB)

Case study

Troubleshoot performance issues and forecast capacity with CO

(PDF 238 KB)

White paper

HPE Cloud Optimizer

(PDF 349 KB)

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